Monday, October 31

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 40

Ever found yourself putting on pyjama pants and shoes that clash, maybe even a crop top and thinking that something's not quite right? It's sheer madness, you say! Sheer..sheer..sheer..why yes, how could you have forgotten the transparent little black dress? Tasteful yet tantalising. I wanna reach you, touch you, capture you, SEXY is the wo-ord!

Even the senior citizens are affording us glimpses of their flesh through the power of semi-sheer pants. Hubba hubba, Grandma! Respecting the elderly now extends to wolf whistling and commenting on their fine set of pins.

What about going seethrough for work? You know, people often hem and haw over this one. Most companies are accepting of opaque but establishing rules over diaphaniety can get tricky. Where do you draw the lines between semi-opaque, sub-translucent and sub-opaque with weakly translucent areas? Lucky for this lady, her workplace's dress policy is extremely clear. Extremely.


At 9:53 PM, Blogger The Scarlett said...

I'm seeing so many people venturing out in pajamas. It's like they just couldn't be bothered to throw on actual clothing when they wake up. When I see this, I immediately think that they are going off to binge on Krispie Kremes and that they pretend that we can't see them. Sadly we can.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Joel said...

You know...
I used to live in San Francisco, and would often take the bus through Chinatown to SOMA, I was always stunned at the odd selections that many of the women who were also heading to their garment work. I finally figured out that they were wearing something from Batch A, Something from Batch B, etc, etc. The effect can sometimes be spectacular, and I often wonder if that's where Christian LaCroix got the genisis of his designs. (while the information in this comment is true, it is up to the reader to dicern how much sarcasm to read into the previous statement)

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Non-Dodgy-Gemini said...

Thanks, now I have Melissa in my head. Fresh was an awesome CD. Or at least I thought so with my naive 8 year old tastes. (Or was I 9?)
Either way, classic tunes that will never go out of style :-S
Awesome blog. Read but never comment *slaps self on wrist for being a bad blogger*


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