Monday, October 25

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 13

A cautionary word about netting. Apart from, say, as a tax-deductible legging for workers in the sex industry, there is no excuse for it to be worn in public. I can probably pretend to understand why you would want sleeves of stretchy netting because maybe you have a rare skin condition like epidermal asthma which makes it difficult for your pores to breathe under normal fabric. But I am at a loss why the netting needs to make a Back By Popular Demand appearance down the bottom.

It really looks quite miserable in its partial attempt to overlay the polka dot pattern, as if it's thinking "you expect me to add mystery and allure to that?" And it's quite right because it's turned the top half of the mini ra-ra skirt into a haphazard game of tic tac toe. Anyway let's try and look on the bright side, the more fashion roadkill that get snared by tuna nets, the more dolphins we can save from that predicament.


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Jon said...

I dunno- that culd work some poeple. I like to see punky /slightly 80's things now and then- some people can pull it off. But I agree, I don't think the girl in the pic can.

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