Monday, July 10

You Like, You Buy Vol 46

The Momento ( brand is somewhat of a mystery to me. The shop interiors look boutiquey, the sales assistants are keen to point out the undeniably authentic Italianness of the designs but it all really smacks of what a Hong Kong supporter of the Azzuris celebrating their World Cup win, would in their alcohol-addled delirious mind, imagine Italian design to be.

A good proportion of the clothes is actually acceptable in small doses, with some teetering on the brink of disaster but then veering away at the last minute by some invisible force of decency.

But every now and again you come across something which doesn't know where to stop with the lapels and the stitching and the stars and the flowers until it ends up being more confusing than the movie of the same sounding name but different spelling.

Or this denim skirt which has powerful magnetic properties but only in relation to kitschy coasters.

Or stuff you'd wear if numismatism or philately is a lifestyle rather than just a hobby to you.

Or typical Spring Break attire during the Victorian era.

Or what inevitably happens when you leave someone with a macrame fetish alone in a room with a plain black jersey and the words "promise me that you will never ever, ever, ever, under any circumstances mess with the neckline and sleeves".

Finally I'm just glad winter is a distant memory and we won't have to feast on carrion for at least another six months.

Next update: Wednesday July 12

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At 7:06 PM, Blogger Dilly Dilly said...

We have a shop that is similar but for older women - Chico's. Every time my mom shows up to visit in another bedazzled, embroidered patch work macrame jacket with fringe, I know she has been there. *shudder* Again, okay in small doses but you can spot a Chico's woman a mile away.

At 6:59 AM, Anonymous kbean said...

Haha, Chico's is my grandmother's favorite!

"Oh, you should see the darlingness I just found!"

I think the Atlanta heat's getting to her fashion sensibilities...


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