Monday, August 23

You Like, You Buy Vol 2

I don't care if you have all of the designer iPod cases ever unleashed onto the market, and that you switch them as often as I change my underwear (which is quite often in case you were wondering). I don't even care if you have an iPod Juke Box. When will people learn that an iPod is not a fashion accessory, it's just something you either have or you don't. Like congenital herpes.

If you're looking to make a true fashion statement with electronic gadgets, head over the Fancy Logic online store which is based in Hong Kong. The cool gadgets section has a number of stress-relieving gadgets like a solar-powered head-bobbing thing which also acts as a business cardholder. In times of stress, you are supposed to look at its constantly swaying head and become hypnotised into a state of relaxation. It remains an oasis of calm amidst the daily frenzy of work - happily swaying as you field belligerent phone callers, swaying as your inbox fills up with red-flagged emails, and swaying as you drift in and out of consciousness over your desk at midnight.

However the main drawcard here is not the desk gadget of Crazy Calm but a webcam which is shaped like foul-mouthed Kenny from South Park and comes with costumes. Fancylogic even takes the effort to classify the webcams according to grades of humour - funny, very funny and hilarious. The wedding set is an excellent gift for newlyweds who want to broadcast the consummation of their marriage over the internet.

Even cuter is the Mexican outfit which caused Gizmodo to declare tiny sombreros as the future of consumer electronics. You heard it here second. On the technical side Kenny Amigo has received a favourable review so what are you waiting for? Put Kenny Amigo on your computer, rev up a Viva El Mariachi CD, knock back some tequilas and make a night of it.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Dawei said...

I'm snickering at that Fendi iPod "jukebox". How... convenient. Ohh, Karl. I'd work on defugging Chanel before I'd worry about your iPods.

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