Monday, December 19

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 43

Some people have a kind of love/hate relationship with denim. They love to be seen in denim but can't bear to wear it in its natural state. Plain denim is the height of blandness. It's juicy holiday turkey without all the trimmings!

Well thank god for the abundance of embroidery seamstresses in Hong Kong. I think she looks rather embellished, don't you?

If gold-coloured lace is not your thing, then they can also whip you up something that's really hardcore like lace'n'roses.

Amazing how a short course in advanced floral applique can change your whole outlook.

Another blog to visit: Final Fashion - I am a Fashion Design student in my final year. This blog records the development of my graduate collection. I am manufacturing Final Fashion on a small scale and it will be available Summer 2006.


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Danielle said...

hey, thanks for the plug Spirit Fingers! :)

At 11:24 AM, Blogger SoW said...

it is truly amazing what the biggest textile manufacturing nation in the world can churn out. what's MORE AMAZING is knowing that products wouldn't have been produced if there wasn't a market. therefore, it just baffles me to no end when i seem some pitifully designed item of clothing and realize, "oh but wait, someone actually will buy that and wear it" hahahaha! by the way, could you kindly point me in the direction to get the codes and set up instructions for the "Post Categories" that you have in your sidebar? my blog desperately need something like that. many thanks! (oh btw, i just saw and photographed a hideous example of 50+mom dressed like her skanky daughter - tight embroider jeans tucked into wannabe-Uggs. VERY disturbing.)


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