Monday, July 25

You Like, You Buy Vol 31

Salon Esprit ( is an Asian thing like bubble tea or grown women who put on cutesy baby voices to ask their boyfriends/husbands for designer handbags or Sunday yum cha queue rage, the last of which I completely made up but I came quite close to experiencing yesterday morning.

The salon chain promotes the clean, fresh stylings you would expect of an affordable mainstream fashion brand and, as shown below, practitioners with a dexterity hitherto unknown to the hairdressing world.

As with any hair salon, it's who you choose that can make the difference between life and painful lingering death by waiting for shred head to grow out. Given that there are over 60 stylists at Salon Esprit, here's some guidance on how to pick the right one.

No matter how cute and winsome the stylist, you must run away at the first sign of poodle hair. It is only prudent.

Similarly, you can't trust a stylist who pays half-assed homage to Joan Jett. If they can do this so callously to themselves, they will think nothing of doing it to you.

Personally I like to make my choice based on the name of the stylist. With Hyatt you can expect five star deluxe cut in whatever location around the world she is based. Turndown service, bathrobe and slippers provided too!

Tinted glasses are a no-no. They are either intended to disguise signs of drowsiness & exhaustion stemming from a massive all weekend bender or to block out the UV glare from the back of your head, both of which do not bode well for you.

Would it bother me if my stylist was prettier than me and airbrushed within an inch of his life? Yes, yes it would.

Those are about all the tips I have for the time being but that should tide you over until the next trendy salon decides to post details of every single stylist on their annoying Flash website. Oh and did I mention that Salon Esprit also offers makeup services? Check it out.


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

odd - hyatt wan's last name in chinese, shouldn't it be yin? like.. i don't know how to say it [forgive me for flunking chinese school] but def. not wan.

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last time I was a "walk in" customer at a HK hair salon, I swear the hairdresser looked like Michael Jackson. I was so scared!


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wan is right in cantonese...yin in chinese. that last one really looks...urgh. those lips. scary.


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