Sunday, August 29

You Like, You Buy Vol 3

I'm such a sucker for websites featuring cute cartoon characters even if one of them is a lobotomised bear. I was expecting some fancy chocolate shop at first but it turns out that Chocolate Rain creates handmade jewellery. Maybe the name suggests that it's sweet in small doses but too much of it will make you look like you're covered in crap.

Some of the designs are bordering on gaudy but there's a heap of pretty, sparkly beaded goodness that had me hunched over the keyboard whispering "My preciousss...we wantsss it!". It's probably worth dropping into one of their shops for a spot of F & O (fingering and ogling).

Chocolate Rain also offers a wedding package which includes designing jewellery, invitation cards and decorations. Anything that tries to raise the taste level from the depths of tackiness that the Hong Kong bridal industry is currently in gets 2 thumbs up and a nod.

Their Dream Club invites you to draw from the wisdom of Albert Einstein and learn to make your own baubles, trinkets and shiny things. Some of the students' creations are quite interesting which makes you wonder what sort of stuff they get to smoke at these DIY sessions. I'd like to sign up for some of these classes but the last time I handled a pair of pliers and sidecutters, someone got terribly hurt. Man, those anger management classes were such a waste of time.


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