Sunday, February 27

You Like, You Buy Vol 23

Today in my regular hunt for appropriately cute yet perverse soft toys to add to my collection, I came across a stuffed green cat. Green, that's not a colour one sees often in the world of plush unless a frog is concerned and let's face it, things have gone kind of quiet for the frogs since Kero Kero Keroppi faded into obscurity.

Intrigued, I visited the Moody Caddy ( hoping for some earth-shattering revelations. However there was nothing remotely exciting to be revealed about this cat, this poor man's Benny the Ball of Top Cat fame who doesn't even have a snazzy white dinner jacket. What the hell is wrong with its creators? They have the perfect opportunity to turn a cat that flashes all kinds of colours into a delirious rave feline with an interesting back story featuring loads of secondary characters. However the best explanation they can come up with is that it swallowed a chameleon.

For a moody cat, he doesn't have a whole lot of moods in his repertoire. The little bastard doesn't even crack a frown once in any of his products:

Pen Tray

Mouse Pad and PVC Pad

Mini figures

Stuffed Toy

So I guess it's up to us to make up an alternative, more satisfying back story for Moody Caddy. Why do you think it has a propensity to change colours? A childhood accident with a radioactive chemical spill? And why do you think it has turned green in this particular case? Did it look over into its neighbour's backyard and accidentally see a live taping of the Fred Durst sex video?


At 2:54 AM, Blogger evangeline said...

for 'appropriately perverse yet cute' stuff have u tried nyanko? it mainly features cats in food. for example in burger patty in burger......

-raving lunatic nyanko fan-

At 12:41 PM, Blogger smudgi3 said...

Hey... I would buy one of them plushies if it were available here. And since I'm such a cat lover, I'd probably buy the minis, the memo board for the magnets and the mousepads too.


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