Saturday, September 25

You Like, You Buy Vol 6

The Heroic Rendezvous site has some really cute drawings of children which capture their innocence and wonder. It makes me wish I was a kid again, when life was simple and I didn't have to worry about tough questions like what constitutes business casual or how many drinks is too many?

On the site you can find t shirts, singlets and greeting cards featuring the little heroes. There are also some other designs like heroic pig above which are inspired by the kiddie artwork that is usually found pinned to the wall in some hard-working corporate executive's office to show that he is a family man but is actually there to remind him that he still has a kid who he doesn't see very often. And is now 18 years old.

If you click on the pictures of the children in the upper left hand corner, you can also learn a bit more about them. Whoever wrote the children's profiles must be extremely twisted because these little darlings have enough deep-seated psychological issues to form a very special episode of the Jerry Springer Show. For example:

Bright straight A student, idol of the class, a friend to everybody....He is attracted to Nette. He is not a shy boy but blushes every time Nette is around. He says he will protect Nette for a lifetime, before age 20, he is her brother and her lover from 20 onwards.
How incredibly creepy. The old transition from brother to lover trick gets the girl every time. Somebody please stop letting him read those Flowers in the Attic books.

Choey is curious about everything. Her mother is her best friend and they go everywhere together. She even keeps her mom's photos in her wallet, like collecting photos of movie stars. All her friends like her, but doesn't like it when she brings her mom along.
Some kind of emotional dependency issues, with possible shared psychotic disorder.

Cheekoo loves to sleep. 80% of the time when she is with her family is spent on sleeping. Her father always says that her eyelids speak a language of their own. Whenever she is sleepy, her single eyelids crease up, telling you she wants to sleep.
High-grade narcolepsy leading to a multitude of personal and professional problems.

Lila is attracted to Cheeko, especially when she is sleepy. He is also very caring. He calls Cheeko every morning to wake her up and walk her to school.
Uh-oh, I think we have a stalker in the making. One that's likely to slip Rohypnol in your drink when you're not looking.

Fafa has a passion for cats. Wherever she goes, her six cats go too. She counts her cats every once in a while, afraid of missing any of them. She saves all her pocket money for cat food. Her mother often says that she has 7 daughters - Fafa and six cats
Guess who's going to be known as crazy cat lady when she grows up?

On a more positive note, the digital goodies section kept me mildly entertained for a few minutes (don't play the memory game if you're one of those who think that all Chinese kids look alike).


At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't get the site to load, but based on the blurbs, I'd say:

secretly stars in snuff pr0n. Future serial killer.

commits repeated incest with mother


Lila [this is a guy's name?]
codependent enabler


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