Thursday, September 23

Busen Blitzen

Oktoberfest is in full swing so grab your Mountain Dirndl Barbie (or Beer-chan doll if you are in Japan) and Eins, Zwei, Drei, G'Suffa! Dirndls are traditional Alpine tunics worn by the waitresses and many other female festival participants. At first glance, they don't look exactly like the stuff of high fashion but occasionally, when they run out of ideas, designers do incorporate dirndl-shaped skirts in their runway collections.

A dirndl is also considered sexy because its cinched-in waist brings out the curves of the female form and with the right kind of bra, it can really accentuate cleavage. That's typical German efficiency for you.

Normally a traditional white blouse is worn inside the dirndl but according to Playboy Germany (I read for the fashion articles, ok?), it's ok to just wear a red bra. I suppose this is what men call an uber-dirndl. Might as well just prance around Oktoberfest topless. Which is what most women have been doing this year. Last year too. And the year before last. Guten Tag! Was geschieht hier? (translation: Hello! What is happening here?) Have I wandered into a James Boag media campaign?

At least one German tabloid has been happily reporting about the busen blitzen (bosom flashes) but most of the article is Not Safe For Work, partly because it contains a Playboy gallery showing you how to wear a dirndl with nothing inside or not wear a dirndl at all. I also ran the article through Babelfish and came up with this bit of useful information:

But remained sober on the Wiesn only the few: Hundredthousands of tourists particularly from Italy, the USA, Australia and Japan flow to Munich, want to celebrate up to the excess. If the dance chapels loose-put, all dance on the tables -within seconds and a zuenftiger striptease belongs likewise to the Octoberfest customs such as dirndl and leather trousers.

So ladies, next time you've had a few too many drinks and one of your drinking buddies informs you in an embarrassed whisper that your left breast has not only escaped from your top, but has been on the loose for several hours and engaged every male in the room in lively conversation, you can reply unashamedly: Please, have you not heard of the busen blitzen? It's a European thing, you know!


At 11:53 AM, Blogger j-a said...

well, if you have it, why not flaunt it?

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