Saturday, September 18

You Like, You Buy Vol 5

Kwong Sang Hong Limited ( has quite a long history of making beauty products of the kind found in old-style Chinese apothecaries. Its Two Girls brand features two similar looking Chinese maidens in traditional clothing who were basically the Olsen twins of their time. But how is it that even though as drawings, they still manage to look more animated than Mary-Kate and Ashley?

I don't care much for all the skin whitening products on offer but there are some fascinating stuff in their product list like a wide array of toilet water which I *think* is perfume. There's also tooth powder, venereal disease antidotal pill and tinea lotion. Well, that pretty much meets all my hygiene needs! For those with cankles and thankles, may I suggest their leg-slimming tea which also claims to remove halitosis. That's just pure genius.

Now I'm not suggesting you actually try any of these products because I have no idea what's actually in them and whether they live up to their claims. More importantly I wouldn't want you to come crying to me if your skin inexplicably dissolves, your hair starts to fall out in clumps or your intestines go black. However you have to give them some points for trying to give beauty tips which kind of make sense after you read them a couple of times.

People who are obssessed with pretty stationery will squeal like stuck pigs when they see paper products section. After I downloaded some wallpaper, read an interesting anecdote about how man is woman and woman is man sometimes (which surprisingly had nothing to do with the movie The Hot Chick) and stuffed around with the questionnaire, I realised that I had spent way too much time on this site when I could have been doing more constructive things. Like....browsing other sites.


At 1:46 AM, Blogger Teaologian in Manolos said...

Hey Spirit Fingers...With my very limited knowledge in Chinese, I can tell you that 'Tooth Powder' and other peculiar sounding items were stuff the company 'Once Manufactored during their 100 years of history'. And the Olsen Twins - they're fab...I got invited to their 10th birthday party last week and had bucket loads of spinach and chive - great fun!

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

Spinach and chives eh? Fabulous!
Also, what exactly is tooth powder is meant to do?

At 5:12 AM, Blogger LyDell said...

Tkae yourself on down to Wal-Mart.....Soon we will own Hong Kong!


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