Thursday, September 2

What, no Mrs Buscemi?

Oh no, terrible news, they have finally made their way to Hong Kong. There's a boutique called Indigo in Staunton St, Soho that stocks several of these celebrity wife tank tops. Not Mrs Federline though, Britney has been the only the one to buy it so far because let's face it there aren't many women out there who like having to pay for their own engagement rings.

Justin Timberlake may already be engaged to Cameron Diaz but that's not going to stop the fangirls from wearing their Mrs Timberlake tank tops in the hope that their bra-ripping falsetto jiving idol doesn't make it down the altar with that melon-mouthed ogress.

After all, there are deluded psychos who still buy Mrs Pitt, Mrs Beckham and Mrs Depp clothing even though these celebrities have been married for several years and have generated celebrity spawn. Well, Brad and Jennifer haven't had any children yet but they constantly talk about it as if they mean to and their relationship is based on the safest foundation that any celebrity marriage could ever have - matching hair. As for the Beckhams, wouldn't Bored of the Beckhams clothing be more appropriate?

If you do a google search, you can find plenty of similarly styled clothing and accessories for just about any male celebrity. Why any girl would want to marry some of them is beyond me:
Ben Affleck - he eats babies and is in love with Matt Damon.
George Clooney - he is also in love with Matt Damon.
Ashton Kutcher - he can help you through menopause as he does with Demi Moore by saying stuff like "Dude, where's your oestrogen?"
Colin Farrell - I thought leprechauns are supposed to be lead you to gold, not a plethora of STDs and paternity cases.

I was severely disappointed that there weren't any Mrs Buscemi items but I found a place that offers customised tops so all is right with the world again. There isn't any celebrity husband clothing on sale but guys can do their share of namedropping with this type of t-shirt. Contact Ju$t Another Rich Kid for more designs - they might even make you a customised version if you have some social importance.


At 3:42 PM, Blogger j-a said...

hilarious! didn't think that the reason why matt damon and george clooney and ben affleck got together was because of a love triangle...


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