Saturday, October 2

You Like, You Buy Vol 7

The prevailing thought in Hong Kong has long been that "if it's from Japan, it must be good", and that doesn't just apply to the porn. 2percent is a local brand that capitalises on this by designing clothes and accessories that imitate Japanese street fashion. Their Fall/Winter campaign has a farm theme but to my disappointment, no farm animals were featured in the pictorial.

The company has also created a casual unisex line called th: (two percent homme) for Generation Z which is very forward thinking because most of Generation Z hasn't been born yet. There is also the + - x [division sign that I can't find on my keyboard] (plus:minus:times:divide) line of clothing for the "mature, sophisticated lady", which by their reasoning probably means a female between ages of 20-25 who has had more than 1 boyfriend.

Most of the time I was distracted by the pair of dogs crawling up the side of the screen in search of the levitating bone. Apparently they are called On-dogs and the website gives us a compelling explanation for the name:
ON DOG is the successful resurrection of life from a dead parent dog. Background theory - resurrection, change of life, start over again, on and on.

If you like photos of Japanese-looking girls, then check out the downloads section for some arty wallpaper. I must add that they are FULLY CLOTHED because there are already too many people who have come to this blog through google searches for "pre-teen lolitas japan". Now let's see how many weirdos are out there doing searches for dead parent dogs.


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google search terms: Pre-teen lolitas + levitating bone



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