Saturday, February 19

Hirsutewatch II

The race is on among some of the most talented actors of our generation! It's hard to believe that only less than 2 years ago, Daniel Day-Lewis had the same amount of facial hair as an Oscar statuette:

But what has the reclusive actor done since then? Well, he's been quietly making a bid for the World Beard and Moustache Championships and learnt to tie a silk cravat:

He's also planning to lead a polar expedition staffed entirely of urban teens. Where my huskie bitches be at?

That's quite a performance that Daniel's whiskers have put on so far but beware the trappings of false complacency. On the other side of the world, a promising up and comer reveals himself:

Go Chow Yun Fat! Do it for Hong Kong! Do it for fans of HK action cinema! Hell, do it even for the people who paid to watch you teach Stifler to save the world.


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