Thursday, July 15


Song Airlines (Delta Airlines' low cost subsidiary) is offering a new inflight-exercise program starting from next month. How is this possible when there isn't even space to sneeze in economy? For US$8 you get an elastic band and a stress ball, plus an instruction manual. Nothing more, no ginsu knife set, really that's it. Somehow you can remain in your seat and give your whole body a workout. People who have joined the Mile High Club are probably thinking that they know a much better way.

There don't seem to be any plans to introduce the same thing on other airlines so the next time you are travelling, try these tips for keeping fit:
1. challenge your neighbour to an arm wrestle. Best of 3.
2. raise your arms alternately to signal a flight attendant. You'll be doing this at least half an hour before they come.
3. if you are into yoga, try wrapping your legs behind your ears. You will be comfortable this way because you will get more legroom in this position.
4. use the headrest in front of you as a punching bag, thus allowing the passenger in front of you to have a free head massage.
5. food fight! It's not like you were going to eat it anyway.


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