Wednesday, November 2

Pageant Pageant Eeverywhere

I used to think that beauty pageants were a dying art form. Nobody seemed that interested in watching them anymore and I even removed "botoxed pageant judge" from my mental list of life goals. Then I moved to Asia and there's one here every week! The regularity of chicks on parade has given me a renewed appreciation for beauty pageants. I have also come to realise that they encapsulate the two most important things about being a woman - bikini waxes and wearing high heels.

Recognising that beauty can achieve things which plainness will never be able to (like getting out of speeding tickets and other minor inconveniences), Carousel Entertainment decided to use beauty queens as a means of promoting the environment. The result is Miss Earth, which is really only what's left after "Universe" and "World" has been taken, because then you get into unwieldy words and phrases like globe, terrestrial sphere and terra firma.

The event was held a couple of weeks ago but it will be screened on Star Asia on November 18. Asian viewers can watch not only Miss Earth being crowned (she's the one with the tallest tiara and the biggest smirk) but Miss Air, Miss Fire and Miss Water. Together they will travel the world Loving, Caring, Working, Sharing, Teaching, Singing, Mothering!

Although she did not win an elemental title, special mention must go to Miss Russia for raising the awareness of wearing proper support undergarments during the long gown competition.

Around the same time, the Miss International Queen contest for transvestites and transgenders was held in Thailand. Not sure of what to expect, I thought I would still be able to detect some residual manliness. How wrong I was.

Never again will I doubt the two most important things about beauty - makeup and cosmetic surgery. This year's winner is Miss USA, a result that the US would not have achieved, had it chosen to send Hilary Duff's "sister" instead. It's interesting to note that this is only the second year that Thailand has hosted this contest, considering how prevalent transvestites are in Thai society. In some countries, this type of event has been going on for years.

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At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

To the exquisite Miss Fingers - given your love of Bring It On, I would guess that you must have seen Drop Dead Gorgeous if that one ever made it to Hong Kong, correct? It is without a doubt the best teen beauty pageant movie ever made, and it features Kirsten Dunst before she grew up and got all weird-looking.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

I have been looking for Drop Dead Gorgeous for a while now, but to no avail. Anyone in HK know where I can find a cheap VCD/DVD of it?


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