Friday, July 16

Spiderfreak, spiderfreak

Wearing a million dollar diamond dress is a good way for a B list celebrity to get some attention on the red carpet.  Samantha Mumba (yeah I know, Samantha who?) turned up at the Spiderman 2 London premiere looking like Spiderman threw up on her after Charlotte Church wisely turned down the chance to wear it.

There's so little of the dress that I wonder that maybe the designer intended for it to be a diamond shawl.   If you look closely she's also wearing a gaudy Spider diamond ring to match but I've seen worse (hey, I live in Hong Kong).   After the red carpet parade, she changed into something more wearable, but still as attention seeking

I'm kind of disappointed Samantha didn't go the whole way and wear spiderweb pantyhose too. The designer responsible is Scott Henshall, who you may remember, was at the centre of the Angelina Jolie Oscar dress hoax.  I wish somebody would steal the spidershawl too.


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