Saturday, July 17

The fashion roadkill that is Catwoman

We can't all have the same view about the situation in the Middle East but the one thing that we can agree on is that the new Catwoman costume is dreadful.

Let's start with the clunky headgear that seems to be have been inspired by a Mouseketeer's hat and makes Halle's head looks twice as long. Then there's the skanky bra-top to showcase Halle's bust because even after Swordfish and Monster's Ball, we clearly haven't seen enough.

As for the criss cross straps I'm not sure why they are there. Perhaps they hold up the costume or perhaps Catwoman is carrying a parachute on her back just in case. Moving further down, a perfectly good pair of leather pants have been ruined by lots of slashes to create a stripey effect. These are not even distressed leather pants, these are leather pants crying out in agony.

The gloves and claws are probably the least offensive part of the outfit but who cares if they've been encrusted with 800 crystals - somewhere out there is a tacky spiderdress with enough diamonds to fund several civil wars.

Finally, we get to those open-toed high-heeled boots. I bet she wears them in to the office on casual Fridays. Even though those shoes should only be worn when you're standing on a corner waiting for Richard Gere to pull up in a sportscar and ask you how to get to Beverly Hills. Well, at least she wasn't wearing hose with them.

Unfortunately, that's all people who actually pay to see the movie have to endure. In this screenshot we see Halle in one of the ugliest tops known to mankind. Nice to see Garfield making a cameo on top of her head too.

So let's take a moment shall we, reminisce about some previous incarnations of Catwoman and have a good cry about it all.


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous VorFemme said...

Lee Merriweather, Julie Newmar (the original and still queen - need HER photo), Eartha Kitt (what a purr), and Michelle Pfeifer......great Catwomen all. Halle - should have stuck to the silver hair of Storm......

I did *like* the movie - fluffy, but fun. Hubby liked it more - he is not a fashion critic, what can I say?

At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Nasir said...

wow...nice style...send more...


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