Thursday, September 8

Memoirs of a French Maid

Of all the female stereotypes, I guess the French maid would be my favourite, with the sexy nurse and the over-assertive policewoman fighting it out for second place. Who doesn't love a domesticated woman in starched frills who enjoys performing demeaning tasks like cleaning tile grout? I'm just glad that the Japanese, who probably account for over 90% of her fanbase, have seen the potential for her to do much more than household chores which involve bending over and showing a lot of leg/cleavage.

Much has been done to integrate French maids into the social fabric of Japan to the point where they can be found serving tea and performing secret services in the hospitality industry (although this one hotel has since shut down due to the substandard quality of maid costumes). Like I always say, if you don't get the costume right, it's all downhill from thereon.

At the recently opened Moesham, you can now find out whether a French maid's skillset extends to the art of barbering. According to reports:

There is no sexual contact between the "maids" and the customers who come for a trim, but the hint of it is certainly present.

A hint? They're practically whacking us on the head with the anvil of sexual connotation at every turn! I barely know where to look in order to hide my furious blushing. See for yourselves.

Asuka shows a young man a good time while her colleagues watch on with interest. Note the different coloured leggings - black denotes seniority and costs a good deal more than white, but she can feather your hair like nobody's business.

Here Maimi is giving her customer a vigorous head massage. Only her first day on the job and she's a real pro!

This lucky customer is getting serviced by 4 maids simultaneously. He's in for a pleasant surprise because Maimi on the far left has saved her powerful white electro-mechanical device for last.


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy screams, "I AM YOUR MASTER"! This maid thing is big with Japanese geeks, it appears:


At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Ariel said...

Wow, im still rolling on the floor laughing (typing this is really hard). Japanese are so...well, Japanese, lol. Love your writing.

At 3:58 AM, Blogger RoninBlackmoore said...

Very interesting blog subject. :)

Mistress Ronin


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