Thursday, November 17

Not everyone likes their gifts fully clothed

I'm guessing that we all know someone in our lives who has a thing for nudes. They might not necessarily be interested in getting nude themselves but they do appreciate seeing a fine naked body now and then to help them get through the day. And it so happens that these kind of people are ALWAYS the hardest to buy gifts for. You want to get them something that appeals to their interests, yet you still want to maintain some semblance of tasteful social etiquette. Well, guess what, you can have it both ways.

Auto accessory

Strippers are always a good bet, but they're expensive and always hassle you to buy them more drinks. A low-cost alternative is an Antenna Stripper Doll. Once you make the mental leap from car antenna to stripper pole, everything just falls into place. Choose from Raven, Diamond and Britini. Although Diamond comes in an American flag bikini, I personally prefer Raven because of an interesting back story that has certainly inspired more than one telemovie:
"RAVEN - is a 21 single brunette from Seattle Washington. She is expecting her first child, although she is unsure of the identity of the father. She quit school in the 9th grade, confident of her rocker boyfriend's pending record deal."
The clothes don't actually come off but for $10.99 you're not going to see much action at "Club Exxxtasy" either. Somebody's just going to have to use a little imagination.


The undress me mug is the drinking version of the stripping woman pen. It allows you to undress a miniature man/woman while reading the morning paper. By the time you get to the obituaries, he/she should be starkers. Since many people would rather stare into their mug all day than do any work, this should have negligible effect on office productivity.

Custom Photo
I hate how people just load up Photoshop, paste someone's head onto a nude model and think that this 2 minute slap-dash job qualifies as the greatest thing ever. Would they remake Robocop in the same way? No. They would use state-of-the-art CGI technology. And so should you, by employing the custom services of Naked Fake (not safe for work). Nude fantasies are best left in the hands of a professional where they can be sculpted into a realistic nude image. While you're there you might as well pick up something from the online pharmacy too.

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At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please buy me the mug!

The naked fake site is scary though...



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