Friday, March 10

She always seemed like the type of wine-taster who swallowed

The most overused phrases in tasting notes for Savanna Samson's premium quality Sogno Uno

Rounded and fully mature but somewhat lacking in purity

Exhibits long nicely formed legs and a playful nose

Sweet but slightly tart which presents a nice spicy twist

Suitable for standing up or laying down

Supple-bodied, voluptuous and velvety in texture

Very versatile, can be paired with meat or vegetables

Huge mouth-filling palate is a real crowdpleaser

Promises to age nicely for 5-8 more years when it will develop overlays of leather in its well-stuffed bouquet

Tight and firm with layers of ripe fruit but opened gradually to reveal a surprising depth

Classically dry and fleshy on the back end

Packs a load of pleasantly creamy flavours

Impressive length and explosive finish that lasted 20-30 seconds


At 9:42 PM, Blogger sfmike said...

Though I'm not normally an acquisitive soul, I'm not sure I can live without owning a bottle of Savannah Samson's premium quality wine.

Thanks, as always, for the heads-up.

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Dollop said...

How about

Best laid for few years?


Unexpected mid-palate complexity just gushes over you.


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