Monday, July 19

Martha dresses down

Despite wearing drab brown open-toed shoes and a humble looking tote to her sentencing hearing, Martha Stewart still ended up being slammed with a 5 month jail sentence and a further five months home imprisonment. When she previously carried an Hermes Birkin(US$6050) into court during her trial, the media had a field day, construing it as a rude finger gesture to the little people.

A couple of times, the Birkin was carried together with an Hermes Garden Party bag(US$1125). A black Hermes Kelly(US$5,100-6,900) also made a brief appearance. Oh, and that humble looking tote is a US$3050 Hermes Picotin Grande in case you were wondering.

Hermes handbags are highly sought after because they are made from the skins of baby unicorns, crafted into shape by talented tribesmen in an area so remote that it hasn't heard of Britney's upcoming wedding, then blessed by a Tibetan druid under the light of a blue moon. That's why the waiting list to get one is so long and sometimes you need to go on a pre-waiting list before being allowed on the official waiting list. That or people are just incredibly stupid.

If you really need a boxy bag to make you feel like a high powered executive, do what many fashion victims before you have done, and flock to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (ie counterfeit headquarters) in China where they sell fake Kellys and Birkins in every conceivable colour. However, if I do catch you carrying one, be prepared for me to bag shame you.

Ultimately, I don't think carrying around overpriced handbags turned the jury against her. It was probably seeing her wear this monstrosity (from Ralph Rucci's Spring 2004 couture collection) at the CFDA Fashion Awards that made them want to lock her away.

Credit to NY Daily News and Fametracker for the handbag information.


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