Tuesday, August 10

Get them while they're hot

It's never too early to squander your money on Olympic merchandise, which is why several appointed stores in Beijing have already started flogging 2008 Olympic souvenirs. There are the usual pin badges, wallets that make even duct tape wallets look exciting and baseball caps etc. I believe they are still working on t shirt designs and the prototype looks something like this.

The Beijing 2008 merchandise features a red & white logo that is inspired by a traditional red Chinese seal. I know it's already been commented upon when it first came out about a year ago but this is the first time I have seen it. I'm just not up to date when it comes anything remotely related to sport. Don't hit me for being unpatriotic, but the logo reminded me of a victim's chalk outline in a pool of congealing blood. I also agree that the font is very Chinese restaurant menuish.

After the much-maligned twincestous mascots of Athens (who everyone agrees are swollen-footed Simpsons characters gone wrong), I can't wait until BOCOG announces their official mascot. If you haven't already entered the design competition but are oozing creative juices from every orifice, you should do so now. I really really want a panda to be the mascot but it doesn't quite work with the "faster, stronger, higher" motto. The mascot also needs to be fun and sexy because the Olympics is actually all about sex. I'm thinking a panda spinning a plate on a bamboo shoot while straddling the nimble Monkey King.

Interesting Olympics-related site: Swimming Medal Predictions for Athens 2004. No predictions yet for Beijing 2008.


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