Tuesday, August 3

Wanted: Overpriced Sparkly Jeans

Germany doesn't really have any fashion capitals to speak of but I didn't know they were that far behind. If you have a pair of grossly embroidered pants or jeans from Gucci's Spring/Summer 1999 collection, German socialite Petra Hirtzel is prepared to pay the retail price of $8000 plus a reward of 1000 Euros. Wow 1999, what a different world we lived in then. That was when pashminas and micro-scooters were everywhere (sometimes even on the same person).

I'm sure someone in Hong Kong has bought a pair. After all tacky denim is part of the Tasteless Tai Tai (TTT) uniform. As long as it's tight and sparkly, she will wear it to mahjong and dancing. Pearls, rhinestones, crystals, beads, barnacles, the more crap encrusted on the jeans the better.

I even found a photo or two to aid recognition while you're digging around the back of your closet, your domestic helper's closet or the Oxfam Shop. She might be stuck in a time warp but good on Petra for not adopting the "I have a pair of Seven Jeans therefore I must be in the denim elite even though 85% of women in LA have the same pair" mentality.


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