Sunday, July 25

Something rotten in the house of Chanel

The haughty haute house of Chanel is being sued by one of their most "avid" and "excellent" customers (as opposed to all their "indifferent" and "poor" customers out there) in Chicago.  Ms Kaplan plonked down US$55,000 for 2 custom-made black wool suits and a pair of shoes but they were so ill-fitting and low quality that not even her pet poodle would crap on them.

In 2003, at her personal shopper's urgings, Ms Kaplan attended an invite-only Chanel fashion show in Paris which cost only US$8,500 (excluding airfare) to enter. There are a couple of things wrong with that sentence. Firstly, what kind of a place invites you to their exclusive event and sticks on a huge cover charge. They better be serving some damn good cocktails and finger food.  Ah, but it is the dying art of haute couture, none of that cheap-ass ready to wear stuff.  Secondly, that personal shopper must be getting some sweet kickbacks for doing such a good job in pimping out Chanel.

Chicagoan Barbara Kaplan has dropped $10,000 on Jackie O cultured pearl, ruby and sapphire earclips and is known in fashion circles for stepping out in Ocimar Versolato, Versace and Chanel. 

I don't care how expensive they are but those clip-ons must hurt like hell.  If you like ear-rings so much just get your ears pierced, woman!  Who is this Ocimar anyway? If you're going to name-drop, then at least make them nameworthy. 

One of her attorneys, Lisa Bevilacqua, said Chanel offered to invite her to the 2003 fall fashion show to reorder clothing, but the invitation never came.   

I have to side with Ms Kaplan on this one.  You'd think that there were more stupidly wealthy people out there but in reality there are only a few hundred customers of haute couture in the entire world (and every year a few die off from botox overdoses or bouffant hair accidents) so it can't be too hard to keep track of your client base.    

In addition, Kaplan said she returned but was never refunded $105,625 she paid for Chanel sweaters, pants, blouses, purses and one $35,000 flower watch she bought at the same "Chanel Haute Couture" fashion show in Paris.

I wonder how she brought all that stuff back with her to Chicago.  Did it have to travel in a separate plane and did she then have to hire a truck to dump it all on the front doorstep of her nearest Chanel boutique?  Ms Kaplan also needs to get a clue about watch brands and check out Patek Philippe instead of spending $35,000 on a mere fashion watch.

Kaplan, described as an "avid'' and "excellent'' customer at the 935 N. Michigan Chanel, wants $161,000 refunded plus $22,000 in "incidental expenses'' involved in flying to New York for fittings that went awry. 

This one is a no-brainer.  As anyone who has watched the Simpsons episode where Marge buys a Chanel gown to impress her country club friends will know, Chanel never gives a refund for returned goods - only store credit.  Besides, the money's already been spent to buy more Ipods for Karl


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