Tuesday, July 20

Sweet exploited colours of Summer

McDonald's Hong Kong invites you to enjoy summer by collecting Hello Kitty plush dolls which are small and cute like the impoverished children who made them. They come in 16 colours and are named after different gemstones (and quite possibly they have associated healing qualities).

They're quite tiny so you can line them all up on your table and have them watch you work. You can also attach them to your bags or even cover the entire surface of your shirt with them. The possibilities are endless, that's how magical they are.

Although some of the colours are not very attractive (eg the "green phantom quartz" Kitty looks like a blob of mould), I must confess that I bought a yellow one. More specifically, she's called Citrine Kitty and the little card that comes with her says that Citrine Kitty means Energy. I can already feel invigorated by looking into her fabric-sewn eyes.

I know that I shouldn't be getting any more of these things but I can hear Rose Quartz Kitty calling my name, even though she has no mouth.


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