Wednesday, July 21

Britters' suite

If you're ever in Boston and want to feel like a washed up pop star with a penchant for junk food, spend a night at the Onyx Hotel's Britney themed bedroom. Designed by queen of all stage moms Lynne Spears, it looks exactly like Britney's own bedroom at her Louisana home.

Even though the Onyx Hotel tour has been cancelled due to Britney's debilitating knee injury (which she amazingly recovered from within days, defying all experts' predictions), Britney's handlers still feel that this lip-synching cash cow hasn't been fully milked yet.

But on to the room itself. The mini-bar stocks the 4 main food groups known to Britney - Red Bull, Cheetos, Pop tarts and Starburst. Although there is a dvd and music system, there is nothing much you can do with it, since the only entertainment offered is in the form of a Crossroads DVD and CDs of Britney's music.

As for the decor, reports say that the room has off-white decorations but go on to add that there are shades green, gold, pink and soft blue. On their own, those colours might work, but together it just sounds like one of her bad outfits.

There's also glass beaded wallpaper over the bed because anything shiny or sparkly can keep Britney engrossed for hours. The bathroom is a cornucopia of gold-speckled walls and gold beaded shower curtains, thus giving a new meaning to the term golden shower.

The rack rate (haha I used the word "rack" in the same sentence as Britney Spears) is US$349 in the high season and 10% of the proceeds goes to the Britney Spears foundation which funds several causes which probably include maintaining the various children of her gold-digging fiance.


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