Tuesday, July 27

Smart clothing (in a non fashion sense)

I generally don't get too excited about consumer clothing made from intelligent textiles, maybe due to bad memories of the Hypercolour t-shirt. All that stuff about the new lifestyle jacket with built-in MP3 and bluetooth technology sounds nice but that's what pockets are for and I see that this jacket has several. It doesn't free up pocket space but creates extra pocket space to hold another new gadget. Even though the mp3blue is a men's jacket, all the publicity pictures have a female model swimming in it, making it look very ill-fitting.

According to the Rosner spokesman, the jacket is aimed at "technologically progressive, fashion conscious men". Well I can tell you now that: (a) the technologically progressive men are going to be rolling their eyes at the 128MB memory; and (b) the fashion conscious men are going to baulk at paying US$700 for something so unexciting. All the layering genius in the world could not save its blandness.

Knife-resistant clothing that doesn't pretend to be stylish interests me though. However they're only making it for schoolkids in Japan at the moment, which sounds fair enough, because I've watched Kill Bill: Vol 1 and know how vicious those morningstar-wielding Japanese schoolgirls can get.


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