Wednesday, March 30

Pleats Please

You know yesterday when I said that men will never look as good as we do in a skirt, I was stretching the truth a bit. I tend to do that when I want to get a point across. Like when I say that figure skating is a magnificent sport of sound & fury, but more so fury, that statement may inherently specious. It really only serves as an opportunity to post such photos of Michelle Kwan:

Now then, how attractive can a man look in a skirt? To answer that question, I'd have to consult Skortman, the male authority on unbifurcated clothing. Give the man a piece of extra-soft cotton poplin fabric and he'll convert it into an arresting skirt slip and panty set. The skirts come in a variety of shapes and pleated styles reminiscent of high school netball skirts. A guy could comfortably play several positions around the court in those skirts.

The skorts have a crotch element to them but they have enough flare to make a gust of wind an experience. The one thing that bothered me about the designs was the emphasis on pleating. In the retro section, there is Japanese sailor skirt with, you guessed it, more pleats. Mix it up, throw in a slit or a ruffle now and then, will ya?

The customer photo section that treats us to an abundance of strapping man-leg, which is really what we all came here for. Frankly I'm appalled...appalled at all the inappropriate footwear. I also think that these men have don't quite know what they're setting themselves up for. While the minis are sassy, flirty and fun for strutting about town, it's REALLY hard to maintain dignity when climbing up a flight of stairs or getting in and out of a car. Past a certain age, a more conservative length would be more befitting.

So take your time exploring Skortman's home on the web. It's a detailed text-heavy site that runs the gamut from Jungian theory to a blistering diatribe on the Catholic church. Once you've done with that, flounce on over to Samantha Rebecca's playhouse. The fashion here is more girly and whimsical and there are petticoats involved.

By this point, you're probably waiting for me to jump out and scream Early April Fool's. Trust me, it's not going to happen.


At 9:56 AM, Anonymous naridu said...

Where oh where do you find these pages?! :D


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