Thursday, March 23

Parlor games that might actually be fun

Games played at Nicollette Sheridan's Bridal Shower

The Buzzword Game
When each guest arrives at the shower, hand them a vibrator. Every time Eva Longoria mentions the word "sex", "orgasm", "naked" or just even opens her mouth to speak everybody gets to slap her on the head with their vibrator. The winner is..everyone really.

The Toilet Paper Game
Divide the guests into several teams. Each team is given 15 minutes to reconstruct the dress below using rolls of toilet paper. The winning team's design will be worn by some starlet at the next major awards ceremony.

The Confetti Cone Race
Help the bride out by having shower guests make confetti-filled cones to be used at the wedding. Have everyone sit around a table with copies of Vanity Fair (the one with Teri Hatcher on the cover), a holepunch and some scissors. Whoever destroys the most magazines in a ten minute period wins a prize.

The Diva Game
Each guest is given a Golden Globe and a swimsuit to wear for a group photo. However anytime someone explodes into a hissy fit over their swimsuit or position in the photo, another guest can snatch away their Golden Globe. The guest with the most Golden Globes at the end of the shower gets to flaunt them in everyone's faces.

The Drawing Game
Each guest is handed a piece of paper, a pen and a blindfold. After putting on a blindfold, their task is to draw what Teri Hatcher would look like on high-definition TV, using as much detail as possible. Give them 2 minutes to finish their drawings and let the bride vote on which is her favourite. The bride can save the artworks as a keepsake and look at them fondly over the years.

The Encore Game
Divide guests into two teams. Write the track titles for Michael Bolton's Greatest Hits (1985-1995) on separate pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Each team draws a piece of paper and after putting it back in the bowl, has to sing at least 4 verses of that song - this goes back and forth until one of the teams surrenders or passes out from nauseatic headaches.

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