Saturday, July 31

Mobile makeover

Is your mobile phone in urgent need of a makeover? Do other mobile phones shun it at social gatherings because it just isn't fashionable enough? Or perhaps you have all the latest phone straps, wallpapers, screensavers, cases and ringtones but you're still wallowing in mobile ennui. Well depending on your style, there are some pretty screwed up things you can do to your phone. All in the name of fashion of course.


Nicholas Roope makes Pokias by wiring up bulky old style headsets to your tiny mobile phone. You can get the headsets on that scary place called Ebay or you might even be able to make one yourself if you have soldering skillz. Apparently it's also a great way to get other people's numbers. Even if you remain a social outcast for other reasons (like halitosis, a bad hairpiece etc) you can still use the headset to conk annoying people on the head, especially those imbeciles on public transport who feel the need to play every ring tone in their directory aloud.


Despite the weird flower-thing between its legs, the words "Awww! How cute!" just spilled out when I saw Pinkie the Talking Toonie Bear (trust me, at least 9 out of 10 females will have a similar reaction). At last, I no longer have to participate in one-sided conversations with my teddy bear. It better be stocked in Hong Kong by Christmas or heads will roll.

Bling Bling

As seen on Sex and the City! As seen right next to Lindsay Lohan's remarkable bust! This one will suit all the tasteless tai-tais who insist on wearing sequinned outfits in the daytime. NYC Peach will smother your phone in Swarovski crystals and inject some glitter (of the non Mariah Carey kind) in your life.


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