Saturday, August 21

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 5

Next time Silvio Berlusconi has a hair transplant, he should consider recuperating in Hong Kong where his bandanna will go unnoticed in a city plagued by inappropriate headwear.

In Hong Kong, things fall out of the sky on the odd occasion and hurt or kill people. Sometimes it's because of careless construction work or buildings in disrepair, so you find the odd ton of bricks, concrete or a balcony plummeting to the ground. Other times, people living in high rise buildings can't be bothered to bring stuff to the rubbish tip. Dead housepet, broken tv, moth eaten mattress, out the window they go. It's one of the reasons why people rush around so much because a moving target is a difficult one.

One woman isn't taking any chances and although her safety consciousness is commendable, her fashion sense is not. Yellow hardhats don't really go with anything other than dungarees, a lumberjack shirt and a leather toolbelt.

Would it kill the parents to buy the kid a hat? It costs less than the lifetime's worth of therapy that they've set her up for. The playground is an unforgiving place and you don't win friends with grotty teatowels.

See how dad's hand is clamped to her head to prevent her from taking it off. Get used to it kid, your parents aren't going to be sending you to college. They've decided that you're going to be a fast food worker instead.


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