Monday, July 18

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 35

Subtitled "Bad Hair Bonanza!"

You can see in my profile over there --------> that I'm not exactly fond of Asians who dye their hair blonde. As I can't solely express in words why I find it all kinds of wrong, I have relied on a little pictorial assistance. Soon you'll come to appreciate that a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a thousand nightmares.

Ah, the bad dye job that was done to fix up bad highlights. Something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. It's enough to turn someone's head from fried ass into refried ass. But don't think that it's just the females who have issues with Clairol Born Blonde Maxi.

Guys, guys, guys why the blonde? Changing your hair colour isn't going to turn you into a Butterscotch Stallion or a nanny-screwing Lothario like Jude Law. In fact, your biggest worry has nothing to do with lusty women and everything to do with regrowth.

Sometimes the undergrowth is so uncontrollable that it will have you lighting up on the street corner and approaching women with lines such as "Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover. You may call me Streetcar, because of my desire for you!"

Then there are those who think that a partial dyejob amounts to the same street cred as a baseball cap worn at a rebellious angle. Little do they realise that two-tone is only appropriate where a tabby cat is concerned.

You'd think it's just the folly of youth that drives the people to such ill-conceived madness. But no, the older one gets, the more likely they are to try for a natural strawberry blonde and fail miserably.

All of this means there's no such thing as the blue rinse set in Hong Kong. It's really more of a Donald Trump set.


At 3:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in America we have the Hispanic women who dye their hair blonde, but it turns out a kind of road-kill orange. You can spot the DIY evidence in the form of a large black patch at the back of the head, where they missed a spot.

Bai Ling getting major MSM coverage over here, btw

At 5:26 AM, Blogger Celia said...

Butterscotch Stallion. Oh yes.

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Blandwagon said...

All of this means there's no such thing as the blue rinse set in Hong Kong. It's really more of a Donald Trump set.

Well thank you so very bloody much for THAT mental image.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

When I hit 50 I'm going ginger.
Jeff, thank you for reminding me of Bai Ling's's been a long time between Bai Ling posts, but not long enough.

At 11:48 PM, Blogger Glitzy said...

I personally hate it when Hispanic women dye their brunetter hair blonde and doubly loathe the fact that most Hispanic cross over or other wise celebreties dye their dark tresses lighter (Shakira, Daisy Fuentes, J. Lo.. I could go on)

This is why I love Ms Hayek.

At 1:54 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Hey have you seen the new HK magazine where they look at common fashion atrocities here on this fair Island and Territory and give you a quiz to see how fashion conscious you yourself are?

At 1:30 AM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

I had a quick look at the article but I don't recall it having many fashion atrocities in there.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Joanne said...

And somewhere between the Chinese and the Mexicans we have the Filipinos, who look twice as worse with blonde hair than either nationality because their skin colour can be anywhere between Chinese and Mexican - we run the whole spectrum from East Asian yellow to migrant-worker brown with definite golden undertones. Not a good base for blonde... on a full head, anyway. My friend has a blonde streak in her hair but that's the most you can do, I think... and it has to be really, really yellow blonde - not orange like most dark-to-blonde converts. Oh, and my mom... I don't know how she does it, but she uses "ash blonde" and turns out a nice reddish brown... but she's a damn miracle. (By the way, my mother, friend and I are all full Filipinos.) I can rant about blonde Asians (complete with superfluous ellipsis/parentheses) for days... >_<

At 2:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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