Wednesday, August 11

Sky High Fashion

There's a guy on the internet who collects stewardess uniforms, puts them on his mannequins and takes lots of photos. If that hasn't sufficiently creeped you out, please continue reading. His collection contains over 300 uniforms from airlines all around the world and it is constantly growing. Cliff states that he doesn't give out information about how to obtain such uniforms so one has to wonder how he does manage to get them, especially given this photo.

Airlines often spend lots of money hiring designers to revamp their uniforms. Some of the designs are mildly entertaining, unless you are the one wearing them. If I was a jetsetting darling of the fashion world who was hired by Cathay Pacific, I would stick the girls in outfits like this or this to make them truly eye-candy of the air.

Aer Lingus

Does a cattle class pleb like you want to be treated like a first class passenger? Tell me my uniform looks good even though I know it's an outright lie.

Allegheny Airlines

Hello, I am your stewardess and your inflight reading material for today.


My jacket is the only flotation device on board, suckers!

Gulf Air

Master, just tell me what you need and I'll fold my arms and blink it into existence for you.

Malaysian Airlines

I may not have any arms but I can serve meals and hot beverages off my perfectly formed ass, that's how good it is.

Midway Airlines

Don't judge us by our boring uniforms. When we get drunk at parties we turn our uniforms upside down and use them for naked sack races.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! You bastards!

UTA French Airlines

Move over Laura Ashley, the new princess of floral frump has landed.

Phew, I better stop before I get an aneurysm. Cliff's website gets about 1000 hits a day but I think the number would increase dramatically if his collection consisted of the stewardesses themselves.


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