Wednesday, November 24

Thai origami

What is it with the Japanese and their inexplicable ability to come up a succinct answer for everything, including one of the most debilitating diseases? Available at where else but Target of course. It sounds like the something that the Thai government would latch on to once they have got over their fixation with origami paper cranes.

Wouldn't it be kind of scary to be chilling in your paddy field when suddenly the sky darkens and millions of pointy little birds rain down on you? I can picture all the terrified villagers run screaming into their homes with papercuts all over them. Very Hitchcockian isn't it. Instead of birds of terror, these beleaguered people need clothes! With matching accessories!

Or they could just airdrop Miss Universe into the troubled regions and she could dazzle everyone into submission, teach them to commute in ballgowns and so forth. She has already made a lasting impression on the Thai deputy prime minister. See the way he decides to shower her with presents and ignore the other 2 beauty queens who are thinking "uh hello, can you say favouritism much!". And the way he enthusiastically gestures for her to go and meet his mother. He is totally crushing on her!

OK, maybe his body language suggests that it's more than just an innocent crush and is actually veering into restraining order territory. The huge box he gave her must have been filled with very naughty origami.


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