Wednesday, December 22

Do I need a jacket?

Thanks for your emails, I have managed to read some of them but will have to to reply them from my other email account. I shall try and stop with the woe is me crap and talk about something exciting which I did today, which is nothing really unless you count the purchase of 2 new lipsticks as wow, just wow. The first was a shade which I already have in 5 other lipsticks. The second was a vibrant purplish shade with pink overtones called "violet fusion" but in my opinion would have been better described as "swollen member". Ah lipsticks of soft creamy consistency and glossy finish. The shallow female's panacea.

Normally I would be sharing this bit of retail therapy with my friends but most of them have left for their holidays by now. One of the most frequently asked questions (after "how much cigarettes and alcohol can I bring back into the country?") by travellers is what clothes should I pack? It is tempting to pack superfluous items like an extra extra pair of jeans, several pairs of shoes, handbags to match the shoes, and a ballgown in case you meet a member of royalty travelling incognito who invites you to a gala event. But really, once the underwear situation has been sorted out, all you need to know is Do I Need a Jacket?. No need to deal with fiddly celsius/fahrenheit conversions and trying to make sense of the minimum and maximum temperatures.
New York
Yes. Why? Because: it's cold.
Yes. Why? Because: it's not very warm out.
Yes. Why? Because: it's misty, it's raining - albeit lightly, it's cold.
Kiruna Airport, Sweden
Yes. Why? Because: it's really snowing. it's frickin' FREEZING! it's windy.
Their information about Asian cities is quite scarce but I did manage to get a result for Hong Kong
The winters here are generally mild compared to most of North America or Europe but I still think you need a jacket unless you have the natural insulation of a king walrus with whiskers to match. In any event you'll need a jacket for going inside. Why? Because: the airconditioning in most shopping centres, office buildings and on public transport is sub-arctic frickin' freezing ass cold.


At 11:46 PM, Blogger j-a said...

where on earth do you find these crazy links?? ha ha ha... i can vouch for the fact that NYC is frickin' freezing.

At 3:32 AM, Blogger Marie said...

And I can vouch for the fact that it's snowing like hell AND fricking freezing in Sweden!

Great to see you post. And don't worry about a bunch of losers - so pathetic!

At 1:38 AM, Blogger kobuta said...

Hmm...and I was looking forward to buying a coat in HK. Looks like I may have to bring my big old heavy woollen coat from home instead.

My favourite lipstick name: "Vicious trollop"

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

Kobuta, I think you should bring a sweater and light-medium weight jacket. Then buy the woollen coat in Hong Kong from the sales because bringing the existing woollen coat will take up valuable luggage space.


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