Wednesday, February 2

Kate Moss the trendsetter

When I wear skinny jeans and multi-buckle heels, people clasp their hands to their cheeks and say sympathetically "Oh honey! No.." When Kate Moss does it, the whole world breathes in reverence at the birthing of a new trend.

Kate turned 31 recently with much fanfare and a new self-destructive boyfriend (by the time you read this she has probably moved on). To celebrate this milestone, here is a partial list of the greatest trends started by Kate Moss.

1. No makeup and unbrushed hair
This is Kate's signature look. Every woman strives to emulate this when they roll out of bed each morning.
2. Burberry
All it took was an ad campaign revolving around Kate Moss in a checked bikini to revive the fortunes of this fashion house. Burberry, Burberry everywhere, but not a thing to wear.
3. Balenciaga biker bags, Luella Bartley bags and Mulberry bags
When Kate was spotted carrying one of these, it instantly became the must-have hottest it bag of the season. In the same colour as Kate Moss had of course.
4. Pirate boots, fur-lined wedge boots, suede boots, mukluks
For every time you see a pair of these plodding down the street, blame the bandy yet attractive legs of Kate Moss.
5. Pole Dancing
There really was no need for Kate Moss to be poledancing in a White Stripes video other than to satisfy a private fantasy of Sofia Coppola (nowadays it's Quentin Tarantino satisfying such fantasies but let's stop before the conversation gets any more uncomfortable). But writhe she did, and women turned up in droves to their local gentlemen's clubs demanding to be instructed in the ways of the pole.
6. The word "bohemian"
Before Kate Moss arrived on the scene, this word was only used to describe stoned layabouts who smelt badly. When Kate mixed something vintage with something new, something designer with something non-designer, bohemian chic became a term of fashion. Now bohemian means a carefree quirky spirited girl with electic taste and tolerable hygiene.
7. Nude paintings
In 2002 Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud painted a life size nude portrait of a pregnant Kate Moss. It was hung at the Tate Gallery and renewed interest in museums generally. People started buying up nude paintings without abandon. In fact, many other existing portraits were in fact painted over to look nude to keep up with the demand.
8. Hard partying
Everybody knows somebody who lurches from wild parties to copious amounts of alcohol to chain smoking to cocaine comas to rehab stints to junkie boyfriends and back again. That's right, they're not in some downward spiral, they're channelling Kate Moss.
9. Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp was at the height of his fame and appeal when he was dating Kate Moss. After they broke up, he quickly disappeared into the outskirts of Paris, resurfacing occasionally to make the occasional unmemorable movie (and baby with Vanessa Paradis). It was not until he dressed up in black eyeliner, smoky eyeshadow, braids and pirate boots, adopting a look first popularised by Kate Moss, that he made a comeback in the most fabulous way possible.
10. Being called the new Kate Moss
Usually it's a new waifish model with imperfect features. Currently it's Sienna Miller, soon to be Mrs Jude Law. Sienna has taken to her title with gusto and even requested it to be included in the closing credits of Alfie. I think we all can figure out what will be printed on the wedding invitations.

Look in your wardrobe. Look all around you. Chances are that Kate Moss has worn it, consumed it, experienced it, talked about it or dated it first.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger hundrednorth said...

Damn you, Moss! Damn you all to hell!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Jon said...

She's the ultimate in chav- ok, not as much as Posh and Becks, but pretty close. I'm surprised she's still alive!

At 1:40 PM, Blogger HKMacs said...

She was discovered in JFK Airport by a very good friend of mine, Storm Models boss, Sarah Doukas.

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Harrods Girl said...

I LOVE Kate Moss. She love her attitutde and her icon status. And most of all, people (like photographers, fashion editors etc.) who have worked with her before all like her. At least it shows that she does not have a diva attitude, unlike some other models you hear about.

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