Wednesday, March 9

Essential Party Items: Part 1

Good news y'all, I've been invited to a party! It will be my first social outing this month. No, I tell a lie, make that this year. Oh ok...if you must know I really don't get out much since the Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Grown Women Dressing Like Strawberry Shortcake to Work stopped meeting due to lack of membership. Anyhow, being a social pariah doesn't make me any less capable of giving advice on how to host a successful party. Read and you may learn something.

The presence of something so simple as food can make or break a party. Drinks & dancing can only get you so far but Drinks, DINNER and dancing, that's like hitting the trifecta! I salute the person who serves up finger food replete with dips galore, fancy toothpicks, and napkins that do not chafe. That person clearly understands that when I crawl home feeling hungry and find nothing edible in the fridge, I will fall into a fitful sleep cursing their name. Besides, who goes to bed hungry these days. We're not living in a Victorian orphanage here!

Much as I enjoy stuffing my mouth with carbs, I also enjoy dinner party conversations (even if I conduct most of them with my mouth full of carbs). To use food as a method for starting conversations by stamping words on it is pure genius. For a more intellectual crowd, you can challenge the establishment with thought provoking messages. Something like a scrumptious fruit flan with the embossed statement "Third base...feels like warm apple pie. Discuss." ought to spark healthy debate.

To be continued tomorrow.


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I salute the person who caters from Maxims. The party pack of chicken wings, lasagne etc is delicious!


At 6:08 PM, Blogger Mallrat said...

i love that food embosser - how do you find this stuff?!
BTW, I have a photo to take for you and email from a shopfront on bridge Road, Richmond, which I think you'll like a lot- assuming the color quality's ok. stay tooned


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