Thursday, July 28

Waste not want not

Calling all rural Australian readers, the Elmore Field Days "Ag Art Wear" competition is nigh. The aim of the contest is to construct a wearable garment from things found on a farm. Things that presumably don't make funny animal noises and attack you in the crotch for no particular reason. Careful planning and preparation is the key to success otherwise your creation will turn out to be a dog's breakfast as shown above.

I'm a big supporter of recycling everyday objects into clothing, mainly because of the amount of crap I have accumulated at home. It's gotten so bad that I have decided to put my abundant resources at the disposal of budding fashion designers.

Take for example the outfit below which appears to be have been made of beer bottle caps.

Ordinarily it would take weeks of rummaging through the tip to find the necessary materials but the reality is I go through about this much alcohol on any given weekend.

I also have enough Kenny G and Enya music (and if you should also desire, a bit of Rick Astley) to cover an entire frock.

And I've always envisioned this as the place where my old treadworn boots go to die.

I suggest you start looking at your household chattels and effects in a different light. It could save the day when the only tuxedo rental store in town is out of stock. More importantly when we lose our fight against the machines, leaving a charred blackened sky and our favourite stores razed to the ground, "baling twine, plastic, ear tags, nuts, bolts, netting and metal junk" will be all we have left to work with.


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