Tuesday, December 21

So sorry

So so so sorry to sound like a drama queen but I've asked Simon to remove me in the Best Newcomer category in the Asia Blog Awards. As much as I like the thrill of a tight race, I don't like receiving spam and nasty emails from strangers purporting to be competitors' supporters. I have neither the time or inclination to deliver Shannen Doherty-style smackdowns here and there and I also want to enjoy my holidays without any hassle. It's not as if there's a Valentino couture gown up for grabs. So congrats you people, you can stop now because you've won but I don't know what you've won except perhaps Time Magazine's Wanker of the Year.

I also want to say that just because I like shopping & fashion and my blog isn't about politics, science or highbrow stuff, it doesn't mean that it's less worthy or that it reflects that I have less edukashun. Most of what said here is in jest and if someone takes it seriously, then they probably need the edukashun more than I do. Whatever.

The worst thing is that I feel like a total copout because I've wasted all the votes of the lovely people who took the effort to vote for me. So if you're in Hong Kong or passing through, please let me know and I'll take you out for tea or a makeover or something.

You can still vote for me in the Funniest Blog category (but who doesn't have better things to do) - I'm staying in there because it would be no dishonour to lose to anyone in that category. But whatever you do, keep reading ok?

On a lighter note, I'll just have to settle with thinking in my own mind, that alongside with Lindsay Lohan, I coulda been a Breakout Star of 2004.