Thursday, November 25

Lost Dog

I'm on sick leave today, you know "exhaustion" and all that. In the meantime, please check your surroundings for Gisele Bundchen's little Yorkshire Terrier. You never know, dogs can end up anywhere nowadays. Check carefully, it might have entered some animal witness protection program and be disguised in the form of another animal .

Vida has been with Gisele for seven years and is like a child to her. Well almost. Poor Gisele is not taking Vida's disappearance well and things are so bad that she even had half a slice of pizza, yet the deliciousness of pepperoni and cheese cannot dull the pain.

I suspect the boyfriend Leonardo di Caprio is behind the whole affair. Anyone who looks like what the movie version of Garfield was modelled on cannot be a fan of dogs.


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Jon said...

I think you mean Retardo di Crappio


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