Tuesday, September 27

Romancing the dog

Once you start putting dogs in clothes, there really is no turning back. They start getting ideas about their place in society and get all demanding on their owners. They need to get their hair and nails done regularly, they only eat in restaurants with decent wine lists, they want to....woo each other. Good golly it's like that woman's suffrage movement all over again. Here's what it takes for your pet to get laid these days.

It's not a six-star resort but it is the only Pet Love Motel of its kind and it's located in Sao Paulo, Brazil which is kind of exotic for a dog who doesn't spend its holidays deep sea diving in the Mozambican archipelago.

You will see that this love motel does not skimp on in-room features (trust me I know about these things) - air-conditioning, a paw-print decorative motif, ceiling mirror, fancy headboard, an endless loop of "Puppy Love" playing in the background and movie options including an X-rated version of Lady and Tramp where they do much more than share a strand of spaghetti.

At about US$40 for two hours, it's a small price to pay for introducing a little romance into your pet's life. Add to that a dog with an apian fetish and those two hours will be well spent. Please note that the lack of vending machines in the establishment means that you will have to provide your own meat-scented condoms (if and when they become available again).


At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am confused by ceiling mirrors when it comes to dogs.


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous relah said...

In Japan we have hairdressing salons where you and your dog/accessory can get matching hair extensions. And I used to think chihuahas couldn't get more more ugly.

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