Monday, October 3

Hollywood divorce support group

It's official. Angelina can now rip the scarlet A away from her chest and proceed to hump Brad in full view of the paparazzi without public recrimination. But all is not lost for Jennifer. She has beautiful hair, heaps of money, a burgeoning film career and the sage advice of Hollywood's most important women.

Courtney Love

Who needs a husband when you can have a best friend forever! And booze. And drugs. And uh...what was I saying? Ooh, a shiny object!

Melanie Griffith

It's really important to keep a fresh, radiant and youthful appearance all the time so that your husband isn't tempted to stray.

Jennifer Lopez

From one Jennifer to another, the first time is always the hardest. Trust me, practice makes perfect!

Katie Holmes

Bummer. But hey, four years of marriage is a really good deal. I only managed to get three.

Juliette Lewis

If you wanna get over Brad, I suggest that you channel all your hurt and anger into music like I do.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This never would have happened if I was married to Brad instead. I would rather die than be seen getting a divorce. It's not that easy juggling a successful marriage with a successful career and on top of all that, an amazingly talented child, but somehow I manage to do it on a daily basis with unique and stylish aplomb.

Sienna Miller

It must suck to wake up and have to read every lurid detail of their relationship in the papers. I can't imagine how incredibly humiliating that must be.

Jessica Simpson

I guess this makes me and whatshisface the new golden couple. For now.

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At 8:26 AM, Blogger j-a said...

what about renee zellweger? i guess that doesn't count because its an annulment.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Desci said...

Thank you, SF! xo


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