Wednesday, August 30

My recollection may not be entirely accurate

Oh the tyranny of long-haul flights. This is what becomes of not having friends who can "send for you" in a liveried private jet. Nevertheless I did thoroughly enjoy myself in Sydney. In fact you could say I had a swinging good time.

As forecasted, there was a slight chill in the air which meant that we all had to wear arm-warmers with our string bikinis.

One day it even rained but that did not stop me from parading down the impossibly trendy Oxford Street like a well-heeled local. People often appreciate it when you show them what's under those trenchcoats.

When I wandered into David Jones the city's most exclusive department store, I knew that the afternoon would be well-spent. And spend I did, leaving not only my wallet considerably lighter but my head several kilos heavier, my shoulders bared and static clinging tighter to my crotchlines than Tara Reid to vodka-soaked D-list celebrity status.

But nighttimes were the most fun of all. Sure getting into exclusive nightspots required a lot of stylishness but once you knew how to wield a riding crop with aplomb, they usually waved you through.

Next update: Thursday August 31


At 9:03 AM, Blogger sfmike said...

Now that looks like a fun vacation.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger surtr said...

at least you're female. bouncers hate letting guys in, not to mention you now need a sWank suit jacket to get into most worthwhile clubs.

stupid testes getting me into trouble.


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