Sunday, October 3

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 10

It's good to know that the fashion police are actively patrolling the streets. But it breaks my heart to see such a worthy cause being so woefully underfunded. Thank god for those schoolkids who are willing to design things for free with their black marker pens. Please make a donation now to help the fashion police afford some coloured pens and smiley-face stamps (to dot the i's). If you can dig a bit deeper in your pockets, I'm sure we can also scrounge up some funds for gold star stickers so the kids don't have to draw them in. We wouldn't want these experts to be seen as lacking in credentials.


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Jon said...

That's so stupid- I love the Jewish Star of David on that person's shirt ;)

Anyway, I going to link you. Hope it's ok!

At 3:18 PM, Blogger Jon said...

Weird!! I left you a comment here earlier tonight, but it's gone now.

I was just sayng how weird it is that the 'fashion police' person put Jewish Star of Davids all over her shirt.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and I linked you, if that's ok. :)

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