Saturday, January 22

You Like, You Buy Vol 21

Going to sleep is one of my favourite parts of the day. It's always exciting to see what weird and convoluted visions will appear and entertain me for the next 8 hours or so. I liken most of my dreams to what you get when you flick the remote control late at night through all the cable channels. Sometimes you find something thorougly enjoyable, other times it could be utter dreck or it could be slightly disturbing but you can't tear your eyes away. Occasionally you come across some obscure European porn you didn't subscribe for.

Sheep Dream aims to streamline the dream process so that everyone ends up having a nice and sweet dream, one that is equivalent to a fluffy feel good romantic comedy. Nobody ends up alone or dies and the ending leaves room for a sequel where the whole gang returns for more hijinks.

However for every good luck charm there is a corresponding curse. The Sheep Devil won't cause Freddie Krueger to appear in his daggy sweater and fillet & debone a sleeping person but it can cause some restless tossing and turning for the victim.

Unfortunately the Dream Book section doesn't seem to be working. I typed in a whole description of a recent dream I had involving a Gucci bamboo handle bag, a really annoying Pokemon and a breathless train-top chase across rolling plains, the location of which I couldn't identify on account of the train moving so fast. I hope they fix that part of the website soon because it could save lots of psychoanalysis fees.

Using Sheep Dream correctly is as simple as following the instructions below. Don't get your sheep angel and your sheep devil mixed up or you might find yourself trapped in a recurring nightmare that David Lynch would be impressed by.

Good dreams

Bad dreams


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