Thursday, January 20

Prosperity Pals

Remember the Mascot with No Name?

I went through all the proposals and even visited that site of Viking names that was suggested. It was a very enlightening exercise that left me with a greater appreciation of the Norse nomenclature. It's always good to put a name to the warrior who razed your village to the ground and violated your womenfolk.

Up until the last moment, Hyndla (little bitch) was the frontrunner but in the end I settled for Munnridda. It translates into Mouth Rider and those words really encapsulate what attracted me to it in the first place. Here is Munnridda, nameless no longer, giving me spirit tentacles.

I have decided against allocating Munnridda a gender because it is no more a woman than a man, sort of like Chloe Sevigny. Although Munnridda has a North European flavour, its look was actually based on the jarring aesthetics of a Cantopop star:

The resemblance is downright staggering. I have previously mentioned Kelly Chen on this blog in connection with her success as a Dior & McDonalds spokesmodel. The two companies go well together since Dior probably provides the clown costumes for Ronald McDonalds around the world. In 2005 Kelly continues her association with McDonalds and has even been awarded a VIP card for a lifetime supply of McDonald's food. How inappropriate. Would you give the Pope a lifetime supply of condoms?

When I saw the photo below, there was a sharp intake of breath as I seethed with jealousy.

The scarf! How did she get in possession of such cuteness? I quickly went to the HK McDonalds site and found that the Prosperity Pals are available for sale separately. Collect all 12 (except for the snake which I thought was an unappetising piece of broccoli..dragon looks crap too)! And make your own Super Size Me documentary in the process!

You can also click on your animal sign to find out what 2005 has in store for you. However you will be more disappointed by the predictions than by the poor construction of the Prosperity Pals seen up close. It's all just the same trite advice whatever animal sign you are and be summarised thusly:
Career - slave your guts out, don't bitch about your colleagues, become the most dullest person in the office
Wealth - the personal saving rate of HK households is at an all time low. The government wants you to do something about it.
Health - have a balanced diet on weekdays but relax on weekends by drinking like a fish. Stay fit by taking up poledancing classes. Or by stretching out to put dollar bills in pole dancers' g strings.
Love - love the one you're with. Not the one who you could have been with if you hadn't accidentally knocked up or been knocked up by the one you're with.

Although the Prosperity Pals are attainable at great cost to our arteries, I'm still envious of Kelly. Where can I get my McDonald's rickshaw with free coolie thrown in. *pout*

And those killer boots too! Hyndla.


At 7:59 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Who is McDonald's to tell me to watch my diet this year???

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Pink Poppy said...

Hello! I am here on behalf of the membership of The Poppy Club. We appreciate the fabulosity of your blog and congratulate you on your recent success in The Best of Blogs Award competition. We are hosting a party to celebrate you and your fellow finalists and would be honored if you would join us to walk the Red Carpet and greet your fans:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday--January 21-23
The Tall Poppy Diaries

Attire: Black Tie
Red Carpet Opens at 12:01 on Friday, January 21

We hope that you and your friends can join us. And again, please accept our congratulations and best wishes for a very successful and happy 2005.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Mikey C said...

Totally agree about the Broccolli Snake. What was that tumour-for-a-head all about?

At 9:13 PM, Blogger Jon said...

I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time....what exactly ARE spirit fingers?

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Kate said...

They're what you waggle when you do that jazz hands thing. Maybe.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Spirit Fingers said...

Those aren't spirit fingers. THESE are spirit fingers!! *spread and wiggle*

At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

who's bothered about the boots it's the hottie in them that rocks my boat !


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