Sunday, June 5

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 33

The geniuses at Moiselle have done it again. They've tapped into the deepest fantasies of middle-aged Hong Kong women and given them something to wear proudly.

If there ever was a market where adult Disney princess clothing would take off, Hong Kong would be it, and not just because of Hong Kong Disneyland. Even if the stuff has quite obviously been put together by well-meaning but clueless woodland creatures.

Snow White:

Sleeping Beauty:

Already, I have encountered several women have fallen under Moiselle's spell of unfortunate frou-frouness. The kiss of a prince in spandex tights is not enough to rescue these muttons dressed as Disney Princesses. They'll need a prince with a credit card and the good sense to say "get yourself some new clothes, woman".

I'm just glad that they haven't made a mockery of Mickey Mouse. But of course someone always has to prove me wrong.


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