Monday, June 26

Fashion Roadkill of the Day: Vol 51

Heat absorption can be such a pain during the summer months. But with some energy-efficient cooling techniques, your day will pass by like the ultimate deodorant ad. Wearing reflective colours will not only help you stay cool but will reflect heat onto other people so that they suffer at your expense.

To illustrate, I followed this lady as she tottered down the street at breakneck pace. After a couple of blocks I had decided that marathon running was not for me and was near ready to pass out from heat exhaustion. In contrast my quarry had barely broken a sweat, swathed as she was in her layers of silvery insulation. This could be the beginning of the end for air conditioning. This could be the beginning of people walking about like a Wizard of Oz character in search of a heart.

Now onto questions of diversification and risk. Besides silver, should you also be including some gold in your collection? In these times of fashion uncertainty, yes yes you should. Hoard it like you would the precious metal itself, and make sure you tighten all drawstrings securely so it doesn't slip off your body.

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