Friday, June 16

How to spot a fake Fendi

Goodness me, what is Walmart is trying do here? Does it have any idea how many street vendors are going to be put out of their jobs? With all these knock-offs invading everyday life, how can normal folk figure out where to properly direct their purse envy? Here's a brief tutorial explaining the difference between something that is ugly & expensive and just plain ugly.

Leather Baguette with Palazzo Coin Detail

Often it's the little details that give shoddy workmanship away. The coins should be evenly lined up and be in pristine condition. Most importantly they should not melt into a gooey chocolatey mess under the sun.

Coated Crepe Satin Spy Bag

Some designer handbags have hidden inbuilt features that are very difficult for an unqualified artisan to emulate. In this example, the thorny leather straps are actually removable, allowing the body of the bag to convert into a shower cap. According to police reports, many of the fake versions offered only poor or marginal protection for the hair under a steaming hot shower.

Bag du Jour with Crown Embroidery

Rub bag handles vigorously against your shoulder. If that does not leave a burning red mark, then the manufacturers are clearly using fake rope. Look closely at the blue swirls on the side of the bag. If the bag is real, then you will fall into a hypnotic trance and the word "Fendi" should clearly materialise under the crown. If the bag is fake, then the words "Burger King" will appear instead.

Small Embroidered B Bag

Part of the value from purchasing a designer bag comes from the knowledge that only the highest quality materials are used. For a bag like this one, the easiest way to tell is to lick the large buckle. Tastes like rare penguin guano? If not, then I'm afraid that you have been the victim of a horrific scam.

Linen Shopping Bag with Selleria Handles

This is perhaps the most copied handbag of the entire Fendi range. I've heard stories of amateur artists, armed with alphabet stencils and crayons, churning out piece after piece in the back alleys. When in doubt check out who is carrying the bag and its contents. Most farmer-looking types don't use authentic Fendi linen sacks to store grain, flour or feed.


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous marshmallow said...

penguin guano?! ha ha ha!

At 12:39 PM, Anonymous luxeandco said...

as always, too funny! can't wait to get me a shower cap ...

At 3:49 AM, Blogger Shopaholic D said...

while reading the line, "Tastes like rare penguin guano?" I actually laughed out boyfriend, who was sitting next to me asked, "What's so funny?" I tried to explain know how boys are...he just didn't quite get it. I found this post hilarious though!

At 2:43 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

I'm afraid I love you madly.


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